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City Travel Guide | Travel Information Dubai &Tokyo

If you are planning to go travelling in Dubai there are some important factors you should consider before you set off. First and foremost the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country and therefore conservative customs apply when it comes to dress, consumption of alcohol and relationships. Visitors should be aware that while some hotels serve alcoholic beverages it is unacceptable to drink or appear drunk in the street. Like anywhere else in the world, on the beach and by the pool bikinis and other skin-revealing swimwear is permitted but it is considered offensive for women not to cover up their shoulders and legs as much as possible when outside the swimming facilities. Public displays of affection between couples are not tolerated and unmarried couples should check with their hotel before arrival to see if sharing a room is allowed or not.

Anyone who has done so will say that travelling in Dubai is an unforgettable experience. With record-breaking malls, luxurious hotels and artificial islands mixed with camel races and extensive multi-ethnicity, this leading city in terms of architecture, entertainment and innovation will leave any visitor wanting to come back for more.


An international hub for shopping, nightlife and entertainment, Dubai is the new home to thousands of migrant workers from all across the globe. Not only does Dubai boast some of the world’s tallest buildings, but visitors to this popular city enjoy unprecedented golf courses, beaches and ski slopes as seen never before in the heart of a desert.


In terms of getting there, Dubai International Airport serves airlines from all over the world. Only a few hours from Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, Dubai is in an extremely accessible location. Sharjah International Airport and Abu Dhabi International Airport in neighboring states are also popular entry points for visitors to Dubai. Traveling in Dubai itself proves straightforward for many a visitor. With affordable taxis roaming the city and a widely used metro and bus system, getting around rarely poses a problem. Day tickets and multi-transport passes are also available providing ease of access for visitors and residents alike. Intercity buses also link Dubai to other major locations within the UAE.

City Guide: Tokyo

Tokyo is a great place to visit with its futuristic buildings a huge contrast to its traditional Japanese past. A holiday in Japan is a chance to see modern technology and traditional shrines, or enjoy luxury shopping and oriental massage. There’s always something exciting to see or do, but knowing where to start and how to get around can be confusing.

The Exciting City of Tokyo

Tokyo is divided into over 20 districts and they tend to fan out from the central district of Chiyoda. The Imperial Palace is right at the centre of Chiyoda and there are some good guided tours for those on holiday in Japan. Visit the Imperial Palace East Gardens close to the Otemachi subway station; they’re particularly impressive at cherry blossom time. Kitanomaru Park contains Yaksuni Shrine, a monument to Japan’s war dead, including war criminals and the cause of some controversy. The park is also the site of the famous Budokan where rock concerts and sporting events are staged. The other side of Chiyoda is far less traditional, the electronics mecca of Akihabara is a huge contrast to the shrines and temples of the Imperial Palace, and lovers of anime will be in heaven here.…